Mindset. Is. Everything.

Did you know that you are the most powerful person in your world?

Yet often, we walk around believing that the things that happen around and to us dictate whether we will be able to have a good day/week/month/life.

We can get caught in negative thought patterns and procrastination and when things haven’t gone as we hoped; we have a heap of reasons as to why that was not our fault.

This morning, I had one of those mornings. My littlest girl isn’t very well, we had a rough night and this morning I was shattered. I DID NOT want to go and exercise. And I had a really valid reason to get me out of it!

So I had a choice to make.

  • Choose a negative mindset of poor, sleepy me, skip gym and follow the slippery slope of giving in to my negative cravings. (Yes, Oreos for breakfast would have been the next step on that slope!)
  • Or choose a positive mindset where I acknowledge that I am tired BUT that exercising helps boost my energy levels and that it makes me feel proud of myself when I’ve done it, and that it will help me focus better in my meetings the rest of the day.

I’m happy to say that today I chose positive. It wasn’t easy, I sat in my car in the car park for 10mins before I went in!! But I made a coffee with a double shot, put on my favourite gym vest and I went in and, isn’t it funny how life does his, I had one of the best workouts in weeks and I came out feeling so strong!

We talk about self-talk a lot. And I am a big believer that what we tell ourselves has a huge impact on the decisions that we then make. But we often only talk about the negative self-talk; how we tell ourselves we are not smart enough, or slim enough, or pretty enough, or cool enough etc etc.

But we don’t have to just switch off the negative self-talk, we have to switch ON the positive self-talk!! We need to learn to give ourselves a Self-Pep-Talk!

This morning my self-pep-talk went a little like this;

“Helen, you are tired and you have every right to choose to have a slower start to the day, to skip gym today and go and sit somewhere comfy and cosy and just drink a coffee and rest a while.

But Helen, you know that going to the gym will actually help your body pick up the energy it needs to get through today. You know that going to the gym will give your mind such a boost as you soak in the achievement of persevering and crossing off a goal. You know that you never regret going to the gym once you are there. So why don’t you just give it a try? Just go inside and head to the equipment. Find one task/exercise that you know you enjoy and find easy, and start there. Let’s just do one exercise shall we and then we can talk after that?”

And that is what I did. Shall I be honest with you? I went into the gym thinking that I would just do 20 minutes on a steep incline on the treadmill and then I’d go home. And I did do that. But guess what, then all my happy hormones had kicked in and so I said to myself – let’s just do one more exercise. So I did. I went and got some weights, just to do one set. And, well hopefully you can see where this is going and what happened next?!

Life gets busy, bodies get tired, plans change and committing to new habits and goals is hard. But if you can learn to give yourself a Self-Pep-Talk you’re going to be better able to Dig Deep, and Push Through. You get to choose your mindset, and your mindset will choose everything else for you. Choose wisely.