What’s With the Bird?

As you may have noticed, my new brand logo, or ‘icon’ as I believe it is called by those in the creative and design know, is a bird. And I am going to pre-empt the onslaught of questioning around the afore-mentioned bird by explaining it a little.

The bird in the logo is a Honeyguide. Also sometimes known as an Indicator bird. The purpose of this bird is, and I hope you know where I am going with this, to guide people to honey.

Since the 1500’s Honeyguide’s have been leading humans to wild beehives hidden in baobabs and other tall trees all over Southern Africa. The people they lead then scale the trunks, smash the hives and take away the sticky riches, leaving the wax and calorie-rich larvae for their Honeyguide partners.

A remarkable and quite unique relationship. In fact, it is so remarkable it is the only known example of targeted two-way signals between people and a free-living species. It is a relationship built on mutual respect and trust. (Claire Spottiswoode, Zoologist at University of Cambridge.)

Whilst getting to grips with the idea of branching out (no pun intended) as an independent coach, I spoke with JP Brouard from Assembly Studios about what my business would be about, the purpose of it and how I hoped the logo would reflect that. On the way to our first presentation meeting JP was outside his offices and saw a Honeyguide. He didn’t know at the time what the bird was, so didn’t think too much of it and jumped in his car. We met, discussed the first designs, and we both concluded that whilst they symbolised the what of coaching, they didn’t represent the vital and special relationship of that between a coach and coachee.

At home that evening JP was reminded of the bird he’d seen earlier and looked it up to see what it was. As he read the description of a Honeyguide, he knew that should be my logo.

You see, in the same way that a Honeyguide seeks out the honey that is hidden away, so to, a good coach will seek out the honey in you. They will ask you questions that help you discover who you really are, what is important to you, and most importantly – they will help you walk through the dense bush and trees until you can see the change in you, and in your circumstances, that you always wanted to.

And so that my friends, is what is with the bird.

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