Finding the First Step.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that if you ask me what I do, or what exactly Life Coaching is; I’ll get passionate! You should pull up a chair and grab a coffee! You see, I love what I do. I see it as a great privilege to be invited in to another person’s story, to be allowed access to their world, and to be given permission to, in some small way, play a part in helping them map out the next stages of it. 

But sometimes I have felt the weight of that privilege, and have felt intimidated by it. At times I have wanted to back away because I felt scared or had told myself that I wasn’t equipped. Earlier this year was one of those occasions. I felt an overwhelming excitement at the opportunities being opened up to me for coaching. And at the same time, I felt frightened by the new opportunities opening up for me! I couldn’t get my head around these conflicting feelings and so the easiest option seemed to be to just step back. To step away and say no.

How many of you reading this can identify? You have felt the fluttering excitement of a new venture, an ambitious plan or a dream you longed to pursue and then your self-talk, your caution filter and your fears kicked in and you stopped. You just stopped in your tracks.  

I’d like to say that I dug deep, and I threw aside my fears and stood with my hands on my hips, Wonderwoman style, daring them to try and get me. But it wasn’t anything as dramatic as that. What actually moved me forwards was simply this – finding the first step. And for me the first step was this: I know that Coaching works. I know that I am a good Coach. And I know that other people will benefit from Coaching.

That was it. That was my first step into this new journey, into the unfamiliar and daunting territory of ‘solo’ coaching, of putting my own name to it, and in doing so facing the many insecurities that seem to be attached.  

So here I am. Taking my first steps on a new journey, towards a new goal of branching out on my own. And it is scary. And it feels unknown. And it feels exhilarating. And I am excited.