Start and Finish in the Same Way. Preface.

We’ve just entered 2018 and already I’m feeling a little ‘over it.’ Sounds bad doesn’t it? But can any of you relate?

The thing is, I’m not actually fed up with the year itself, I’m actually really excited about getting stuck in to the new year, but I’m a little tired of hearing everywhere I turn people talking about 2018 being ‘the’ year, the year everything changes, the year of the ‘new me’. I’m tired of it because the pragmatist in me (some may call it cynical, but some research shows that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail before the end of February! knows that for a lot of people, it’s just that; talk. The resolutions and big changes that people are talking about now will stay as theoretical plans and never move in to the practical realms. And as a coach, that saddens me. It is an unnecessary waste of people’s dreams and talents.

So, I decided that rather than feel disappointed or frustrated, I’d try and use my experience of goal oriented coaching to help anyone who wants help to set some new years resolutions/goals (call them what you will) that not only excite you, but that you can achieve.

I’m going to set them out as three bite-size pieces of advice, and I’m going to give you each one over the next three weeks. And, I’m going to give each one with with a mini goal, aka Homework, to help you get started.

I hope you find them helpful, I hope they inspire you to think bigger and bolder, but mostly I hope they help you have a year that you can look back on with a big smile on your face and with a lot of pride in your heart knowing that you finished the year in the same way that you started – resolutions intact.

This week’s goal – keep watching my Social Media feeds so you don’t miss the the first of the three blogs. See, I said the homework would be mini.